Nash Aguas an amazing actor

Award-winning director Peque Gallaga said that voicing a movie is a hard thing to do. That’s why he was really impressed with Star Magic actor Nash Aguas, who did not have a problem doing it. The 10-year-old voiced the lead character Buboy in Dayo. In voicing, the dubber must not only be concerned with synchronization with what’s going on the screen, but put across the correct emotion at the same time he’s reading the script. Peque makes a comparison between Nash and himself, a seasoned actor and much-acclaimed filmmaker. “Nash had only few mistakes in voicing. That’s understandable. Nobody’s perfect. On the other hand, I made many mistakes! Oh my God! It’s shameful!
And to think he has more lines and a wider range of emotions to do. Nash is an amazing actor!”

written by: Edgar Cruz