Summer with Moose Gear

From left: Makisig Morales, Nash Aguas, Aaron Junatas, Jairus Aquino and Basty Alcances, endorsers of the kid apparel

MANILA, Philippines - Goin’ Bulilit boys Nash Aguas, Basty Alcances and Aaron Junatas are joined by Makisig Morales, Jairus Aquino and PDA Little Grand Star Dreamer Phillip Nolasco, and make the summer romp even more fun as they don their favorite Moose Gear pieces.

Moose Gear showcases summer basics that are lightweight, cool, and comfortable, but sturdy for summer play.Aaron Junatas, who is working on the remake of Florinda, the movie New York, and the teleserye Lovers in Paris, likes simple clothing, like staple shirts and pants.

“Moose Gear clothes make me look good, especially in polo shirts and pants. I also like playing basketball and badminton, and the clothes are great for sports.”

Nash, who plays both Nicolas and Armando in the spoof segment Betty La Pieta on Goin’ Bulilit, and will star as the young Jericho Rosales in an upcoming soap with Kristine Hermosa, is style-conscious even at a young age.Makisig and Jairus favor simple casual and comfortable clothing, keeping up with the trend by layering shirts.

The boys are fitted out in classic cotton tees in fun shades and trendy graphics, made of breathable soft cotton that feels good against the skin and keeps them cool in active play. The tees can be paired with loose-fit denim jeans that allow them to run around freely, or long and roomy shorts in plaid and cargo styles.

Moose Gear is available in leading department stores nationwide.