Alexa Ilacad is Nash Aguas' Waterloo | New Love Team Brewing?

After weeks of Nash Aguas playing the resident bad boy, LUV U's  Benj Jalbuena finds himself in a situation will let his true self come through this weekend—finally showing the real him, who has a good side after all.

“I play a bully—but he’s a misunderstood bully,” Nash says of Benj’s character, adding jokingly, “I’m a good boy in real life anyway.”
Last week’s episode of “LUV U” showed Benj and Lexie (Alexa Ilacad) as the students behind Principal Spencer’s (Smokey Manaloto) presentation, which turned out to be an embarrassing mess for the head of the school because of a nasty trick.
Unable to figure out who among Benj and Lexie was really responsible for what happened, Principal Spencer decides that both of them need to be punished—but during the time that they have no choice but to be stuck with each other, a timely meeting with a helpless creature shows how much Benj really values the little things.
While all of this is going on, two of the girls, Shirley (Sharlene San Pedro) and Marj (Mika dela Cruz) have their own plans of getting back at the Break3rs to teach them that they aren’t the bosses around campus, targeting Archie (Kobi Vidanes) and Drake (Jairus Aquino) while Benj and Lexie aren’t around.
See it all happen on “LUV U” this week, airing on Sunday (July 7) after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.